The Many Lives of Amy Dillwyn

THE MANY LIVES OF AMY DILLWYN – Created By Sonia Beck and Derek Cobley. Performed by Sonia Beck. Directed by Derek Cobley

‘One of the most remarkable women in Britain’ The Pall Mall Gazette  

Suffragist, industrialist, philanthropist; Amy Dillwyn was a cigar-smoking, cross-dressing changemaker. A trailblazing radical ahead of her time. A woman who became a legend in her own lifetime. This is her story, adapted from her own words as found in her diaries and novels.

Presented at Victoria’s court as a daughter of a radical Swansea MP and friend of the Prince of Wales, Amy was destined for a life as wife and mother, living on one of the rich estates of South Wales. Amy had other ideas.

A best-selling novelist, pioneering industrialist and campaigner for the rights of women and social justice; her ground breaking public life was only matched in passion by the desires of her private life.