South African Music & Dance Extravaganza

The Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh, in Brecon, bring a weekend celebration of Zulu and Welsh culture, commemorating the visit of King Goodwill of the Zulu nation, to Ystradgynlais.

South African Music & Dance Extravaganza – Saturday 6th July, 7pm

An energetic evening of traditional South African music & dance, including Zulu dance & drumming, a Gumboot dance extravaganza, isicathamiya cat walk music, and a South African Music Concert.

Zulu Dance & Drumming: A ritual that has been passed from generation to generation, Zulu dances are a sign of happiness, and occur when a significant event takes place. The drumming is the way that Africans connect with their ancestors.

Isicathamiya Cat Walk Music: Isicathamiya music is an acapella choral style of singing that was developed in South Africa by migrant Zulu communities. A combination between Christian choral singing and blackface minstrelsy, this style of music flourished in the U.S and England in the mid to late 19th Century, and became popularised by Paul Simon's 1986 hit 'Graceland', which included isicathamiya by Ladysmith Black MambazoSolomon Linda's adaptaion of a traditional Zulu melody 'Mbube' (more commonly known as 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight') was an international hit in the 1930's.

Gumboot Dance Extravaganza: Gold, coal, platinum and diamond mining are a source of income for a large percentage of South Africa's labour, with many workers migrating from neighbouring countries Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique in pursuit of a sustainable income. During the Apartheid era, the government passed laws which restricted the movemnet and communication of migrant workers, resulting in workers creating their own 'Morse Code' communication through the stomping of their feet and slapping of their gumboots. After the rise of anti-apartheid protests during the Struggle, the gumboot dancing became a voice of protest among mine workers nationwide. This dance form became popular and the mineworkers created dance competitions, which led them to designing their gumboots and creating new rhythms, using the art form for pure entertainment. 

South African Music Concert: A pure celebration of South African music, singing popular songs of Ladysmith Black Mombazo, Click song, shosholoza, wedding songs and new compositions, with vocals accompanied by drumming and percussions.

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King Cetshwayo: The Musical tells the story of the Zulu’s defiance against the English and Welsh Regiments during the Anglo-Zulu Wars in 1879, and the victories that re-inspired the pride of a nation; defeating guns with spears in a David and Goliath real life story.

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