Sherman Theatre: Goldilocks

Alternatively, catch the show in Welsh on Friday 18th November at 11am.

Orangylocks, Purplylocks, Silverylocks, anything but Goldilocks!

Goldie is fed up of her Nain’s rules. The porridge is bland and everyone in the village must have yellow hair.

All Goldie wants is to live in a place where everyone can be themselves.

One day she sets out on an adventure to the edge of the village. Who will she meet along the way? And can they help her change Nain’s rules?

Following their acclaimed productions of The Ugly Duckling and The Elves and the Shoemaker, Sherman Theatre’s Goldilocks is a warm, funny and magical show full of catchy songs, laughs and a wonderful set and costumes. It’s the perfect show to introduce children to the magic of theatre this winter.

Dydd Gwener 18 Tach 2022