Shaping Tomorrow Together

Showcasing three short autobiographical films telling stories of disconnection, difference, liberation and belonging.
Running Time is approx 15 minutes per film.
Followed by a Q&A session with Film Makers & JHAFC.

Free event in partnership with the Josef Herman Art Foundation. Donations Welcome.
Supported by Film Hub Wales as part of the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN), made possible by the National Lottery.

Louder Is Not Always Clearer tells Jonny’s story of disconnection, difference, and a desperation to belong in a hearing world. It is an honest portrayal of a man, full of confidence, one who is outwardly social, but inwardly vulnerable… and at times isolated. For hearing viewers, it is an illuminating and emotional experience. For deaf viewers, the film is a familiar tale of misunderstanding and isolation. For all, it is a humorous and at times moving story of Jonny Coston‘s attempt to cope, fit in, and be accepted. This film is adapted from the critically acclaimed theatre production of the same name.

No Borders, No Nations documents the first year Syrian refugee Hussam’s new life in the UK. Through his video, blogging audiences will have an insight into the life of refugees from Hussams perspective. After escaping from a war zone, crossing an endless desert and open oceans Hussam, a surgeon arrives in the UK, but this does not mean the end to his journey. We join Hussam’s as he discovers a new home in Cardiff; with new friends and a reclaimed profession. More than 50 million people throughout the world are forced to leave their very year. There are more than 13 million refugees worldwide.

Fluorescence is an autobiographical account of a woman’s journey of immigration. Written by Syrian artist and refugee, Kinana Issa, the film explores the themes of liberation and captivity. It gives witness to the voice of women who have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war and persecution. It follows a woman whose journey of immigration is over, but whose suffering and displacement continues. The film premiered at the 2019 BFI London Film Festival to great acclaim.