Batsükh Dorj

Tsengel is the westernmost village of Mongolia, nestled in the remote foothills of the upper Altai mountains. Here, Batsükh Dorj continues the tradition of khöömei, or throat singing, in his community.

This remarkable musician excels in a range of Tuvan throat singing styles, including khöömei (contracted throat singing), sygyt (whistled throat singing), kargyraa (deep throat singing), ezenggileer (“stirrups”), and borbangnadyr (“rolling”).

Accompanied by Johanni Curtet, a Western throat-singing specialist who arranged and produced his first album, Batsükh sings about his nomadic culture, evoking the sounds of mountains, travels, the rhythms of horses, and the flow of water. He is a rare and versatile artist, both a luthier who crafts his own instruments and a composer who makes significant contributions to his musical tradition.

Dydd Sadwrn 19 Hyd 2024