African Cultural Celebration Day: Day Pass – Troupe Djeliguinet plus Workshops

A whole day dedicated to celebrating African Culture, with drumming, dancing and crafts workshops, a carnival procession, a live music performance and pop-up food.

1pm – 2.30pm: West African Dance Workshop

From 1pm (Drop In): Carnival Themed Arts & Crafts Workshop

3pm – 4pm: Butetown Carnival Performance (Outdoors) – ‘Dwndwr y Dŵr’ – by BACA & Rhiannon Mair
BACA (Butetown Arts & Culture Association) are inviting the whole of Wales to take part in the iconic Butetown Carnival!

Magical motifs and folk memories from Wales and around the world. A story about desires, choices and consequences through Carnival costume, music and dance.

An ‘OpenOut2022’ commission by Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium (WOAC) and Articulture. Supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government and the National Lottery.

From 4pm: Food available to purchase

4pm – 5.30pm: Djembe Drumming Workshop

7.15pm: Butetown Carnival Performance (Outdoors), followed by a procession into the Main Hall

8pm: Troupe Djeliguinet

Troupe Djeliguinet is led by Fatoumata Kouyaté, who is known internationally as the artist Djeliguinet. Djeliguinet is a renowned Guinean singer-songwriter, and has wowed festivals all over Africa and around the world.

‘Djeliguinet’ means griot-woman in the Susu and Malinké languages of West Africa. Fatoumata Djeliguinet is a woman overflowing with energy and skill in traditional instruments such as the balafon, djembe, kora, krin, and bolon.

At a very young age she learned her craft at her father’s (Ousmane Kouyaté, balafon master) side, and grew up immersed in ancient
musical tradition forming her own unparalleled musical versatility and artistic ingenuity. In turn, she has passed this most precious
heritage to her eight children (five daughters and three sons), with whom she shares the stage and her passion for traditional

Djeliguinet’s determination and talent has seen her ascend to be a respected artist in the male dominated music scene of West Africa, breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, paving the way for her all-woman family super-group Djeliguinet et ses Enfants (Djeliguinet and her children) featuring her sister and four of her daughters.


  • Day Pass tickets includes entry to workshops, both Butetown Carnival performances and Troupe Djeliguinet.
  • If you’re only attending Troupe Djeliguinet, please purchase your tickets separately here.
  • Pop up food not included in the ticket price.